Windscreen Replacement

Having a windscreen repaired really is the last port of call for both driver and repair staff – while it is not considered a complex, lengthy or tricky process, with due care and attention, replacing a windscreen in its entirety can be avoided altogether. However, it is understood that there are some accidental circumstances under which damage can be too severe to remedy with a small fix. If this is the case, then a full replacement will be recommended.

The diagnosis for a windscreen repair will depend upon a number of different factors – the severity of damage caused, the likelihood of it impairing the safety of car users and road users, and where the damage may have been inflicted. There are a number of ‘zones’ on a car windscreen which are regarded as critical to a driver’s safe usage of the vehicle. If even a slight crack appears too far into a certain zone, it may be necessary for the entire screen to be replaced.

Windscreen replacement has become remarkably quick and simple thanks to advancement in the trade over recent years, making it a last port of call for windscreen damage that won’t provide you with any hassle. The old windscreen will be removed with extreme care, ensuring that the remainder of the car is protected from any potential harm while the damaged glass is securely removed. A special primer is then provided and added to the windscreen’s seal, which will be left to cool and then allow a new windscreen to be safely fixed into place. A new windscreen will then be carefully glued into the vehicle, allowing for an hour before the car itself should be safe to drive away.

Having a windscreen replaced is painless and simple with the right supplier, however, there are a number of precautions that can be taken along the way. Firstly, always check what your motor insurance covers you for – some carriers request that windscreen repair costs be applied as an additional extra, and some may not cover the total cost of a full replacement. It’s therefore important to read all documents you may have to hand before approaching a specialist.

More importantly, whether insured or not, windscreen repair is, like the repair of any car part or household fault, a necessary and often unexpected cost. While we can sadly do little other than to keep vigilant for chips and scrapes to our windscreens, we can drive down potential costs and need for full replacement if we report and cracks or chips – regardless how minor – to a specialist as soon as they are noticed. This way, even the slightest chip can be prevented from growing into a nasty crack that could potentially result in a full windscreen replacement – and while the process is neither long nor painful, it is another concern and potential fee that many can do well to avoid. Therefore, it is always important to watch your windscreen for any scrapes and chips – as you never know when a replacement may be needed later down the line!

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