Side Window Glass Replacement on Cars & Vans

If you already know a thing or two about windshield repairs, then you may already know that fixing a broken or slightly damaged windscreen is far better than having to hold out for replacing the entire sheet of glass – this is because windscreen replacement can well be avoided providing you keep vigilant for chips, cracks and crevices – and such replacements may not be covered in some insurance carriers’ policies. However, as we all well know, glass is not just installed in the front of a vehicle – it can be found to the sides and rear, too.

However, working with side windows is a different case altogether – and, unlike windscreens, these are treated much differently. While side windows are less at risk from the chip and crack dangers that windshields face, this is because they are composed of a completely different type of glass altogether – side windows are created from toughened glass which shatters into tiny fragments upon breaking, meaning that if one crack is likely to appear, then the majority of the window will go with it!

Therefore, this means that it is unfortunately not possible for side windows to be repaired, as it is a physical impossibility with the type of glass that is in use. This means that, should any damage or destruction of one or more side windows be apparent, you will need to have said windows replaced in their entirety. This is a slightly different process to replacing a windscreen – again – due to the type of glass involved – but it is no less efficient and no less straightforward.

Side windows come in all shapes and sizes thanks to the variety of car and van manufacturers and their various models. This means that the correct type of window will need to be sourced and fitted. Replacing these types of window can be even quicker than refitting a windscreen, meaning that you are likely to be waiting under an hour for the process to be completed in the majority of cases. This will come as a relief to anyone who may be trembling at the thought of having to go without windows for an extended period of time!

As with windscreen replacement, it is also crucial to make sure that you are aware of the policy laid out for you by your motor insurance carrier. In some cases, glass and windscreen replacement or repair can be listed as additional extras, meaning that they may not be included in the full remit of the main insurance policy. Make sure you consult your policy documents before proceeding with any window or windscreen consultation, as this will be crucial as to whether or not you will need to pay from your own pocket or if you will be covered for any work undertaken!

In any case – the best you can do for your car and your windows is to stay vigilant – if you spot and scratches, scrapes or dints, make sure you check your insurance policy and get the matter diagnosed as soon as possible!

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