No matter what type of vehicle you drive, whether it be a car, a van, a HGV or otherwise, everyone on the road experiences the dread and after-events of the overnight freeze.  Not only can the winter cold play havoc with your locking system and your ignition if you are poorly prepared, but your windscreen is also at risk from bearing the brunt of the cold snap’s worst.  It’s important to remember that your windscreen is one of your most important allies when driving, as it protects you, your passengers and your fellow road users from a number of potential hazards, accidents waiting to happen and potential damage that could result in escalating costs for you.

It’s important, then, that you look after your vehicle and its windscreen in winter just as much as you would in any other season – and while many people opt for a whole host of different brands and tools to try and get the worst of the cold away from your windscreen, many people find that such techniques and products just don’t hack it when it comes to making a mark on breaking the ice.  There are a number of home remedies and shared opinions as to the cheapest and most natural way of removing nasty frost from your windscreen, however, a recent video on YouTube has shown how to resurrect a temporarily frozen front screen from the winter chills.

The Scotsman reports that Mark Rober, an ex-engineer with NASA, has uploaded a handy four-step guide on how to get clear vision and a healthy windscreen in the dead of winter and the most Arctic of climes.  The video claims to cut a normal defrosting process in half by using basic science – and, as the steps outline, this certainly does appear to be the case.

You don’t need to worry about any external or additional tools to do the job, either – just your car and its internal machinations – meaning that you can throw that scraper to one side and worry less about applying elbow grease in the freezing cold!  Rober’s video is one of many ‘life hack’ instruction films that have caught popular fire in recent times, thanks to both their simple instructions and relatively short run time – and, more often than not, they’ve solved a number of very common headaches!

Firstly, ensure that you switch your car’s internal heating on to full power, along with your air conditioning – as this will allow the majority of the moisture from the freeze to be soaked up.  From here, simply switch off inside air circulation to ensure that winter air initially stays outside the vehicle, before opening a window slightly to allow for the air inside to exchange with dry air on the outside.  While it may sound fairly simple, Rober’s video goes into more detail to explain the science behind the technique.

It goes to show that, to protect and unfreeze your windscreen during the colder months, you need not rely upon expensive products and accessories – simply use what you have available to you and you might be surprised at the results!