Anyone with insurance for anything at all will tell you the same, every time – it’s there if you need it.  Oftentimes, it’s paid for to ensure that if the absolutely worst happens, you’re covered for what could be substantial repair and/or replacement costs.  When it comes to glass or windscreen cover under your automobile insurance carrier, there’s a fine line between the two that could really save you cash in the long run.

When it comes to shelling out for covering the cost of your windscreen damage, most car insurers will opt for the same approach – if your windscreen is slightly damaged – you have a chip or two that’s in desperate need of fixing, or a scratch is threatening to develop into something much worse – it’s likely that you won’t need to pay an excess, or upfront portion, towards the cost of coverage.  Despite paying a monthly premium and for any additional extras you may have each month, insurance carriers will also expect you to generally pay an additional (excess) charge before they grant you the coverage or replacement.  This is a golden rule across all insurance carriers, and with windscreen repair and replacement, it’s a big factor.

When it comes to replacing a windscreen outright, if damage involved is too far gone and can’t be remedied with a simple fill and polish, you’ll be very hard to come by a carrier that will be keen to give you an entirely new sheet of glass without some form of excess offered on top of this.  Therefore, it makes sense to both you and your wallet, surely, to avoid getting to the stage where you’ll need a full replacement.  But how can you do this, and what’s the best way to avoid having to fork out an excess fee on top of your monthly premium?

The simple answer is care for your windscreen.  Chips, cracks and other blemishes do not stay that way regardless of how clean you keep your four wheeled beast and no matter how often you use it.  Even the elements, such as wind, dirt and debris, can get into a chip or minor crevice and allow a surface mark to develop into a particular grim crack across your screen – and depending on where this falls on your field of vision, most windscreen repair experts will advise caution and a replacement of the whole glass will be advised if the risk is too great.  After all, lives are at stake!

While some people may be unlucky and can end up with a particularly nasty chip in the wrong part of their screen as a one-off (resulting in a full replacement regardless), the vast majority of windscreen replacements will take place thanks to wilful negligence – that is, leaving a chip or small crack to develop and fester over time.  Our advice is therefore pretty simple – if there’s damage, and you’re covered, get it looked into – after all, your insurance will likely pay for the inconvenience.

 However, if problems develop, and you’re looking at a full screen replacement, expect your insurance carrier to demand a little extra for the privilege.  The difference here is crystal clear – be alert, be proactive, and have a specialist look at any screen blemishes as soon as possible – and your future, wealthier self will thank you for it!