With so many firms and fitters up and down the country offering various services and rates for windscreen repair and replacement, it’s often an extremely hard task for someone in need of a speedy and affordable solution to pick from the sheer amount of companies to pick from!  Oftentimes, it’s perhaps more tempting to go with a larger or national firm due to their large customer base and high profile – but given recent events in the windscreen repair industry, it’s become clearer than ever that you don’t necessarily get the best service or results from the biggest suppliers.

If you have been paying attention to consumer affairs news in recent months then you may already be aware that AutoGlass, one of the biggest windscreen repair authorities in the UK (and partnered with several firms worldwide), has recently come under fire for a number of widespread complaints having been made – with BBC’s flagship consumer rights programme Watchdog running a recent piece on troubles that have recently befallen the windscreen giants’ customer base. 

AutoGlass have recently opted to close down a number of stores and service stations, instead choosing to focus on providing a mobile service ‘on demand’ to customers in need of windscreen attention as and when they need it.  However, many customers, as profiled on Watchdog, revealed that they had often been left waiting for extensive periods of time for repairs or even for their problems to be attended to – along with a number of cases where the repair or replacement was unsatisfactory on completion.  This press did not wash well with the public and AutoGlass have made public statements to advise that they intend to redress the issues raised by their customers and those highlighted by the BBC during primetime.

AutoGlass is not the only large supplier who is undergoing changes that may not necessarily to the benefit of their customers – with AA’s windscreen repair and replacement division having recently been acquired by an external firm (AutoWindscreens), this may mean future changes in process and delivery for the organisation’s customers.  While it remains to be seen if such changes are beneficial to those who look to AA for support, big and constant changes to existing services are not always good news to customers.

Here at Local Windscreens UK, we operate on a personal and ethical level with our customers – we’re here to stay!  As a smaller organisation we may not necessarily have the profile of AutoGlass or AA but you can be assured that we have the expertise, the efficiency and the assurance to offer customers that what you see will always be what you get.  With LWUK you can be assured of a quick and personal approach to all enquiries, meaning that we can provide speedy resolutions that last, on top of fantastic customer service.

 We prioritise our customers over profits and with affordability and speed can also come quality – if you’re keen to look into a smaller firm to repair your windscreen that hires independent fitters and experts to get the job done, why not consult LWUK today to see what we can do to get your car or van back on the road with a shiny new windscreen within the timescales you deserve?