In the UK, it is rightfully a legal compulsion that all drivers – whether they are on the road often or not – make sure that they are fully insured at all times.  After all, what would happen if the worst were to occur to you or your vehicle in an accident?  How would you be able to afford the costs of repairing your own vehicle, as well as potentially another?  There is also a matter of responsibility in making sure that you are fully insured – insurance shows that you have presence of mind for the safety of others on the road as well as your own, which is why it remains important that it stays legally compulsory within the UK.

But what are you covered for within your car insurance tariff?  This, of course, will differ from carrier to carrier and from package to package – but while some basic terms may be catered for – accidental damage, malicious damage and so forth – some insurance providers will offer ‘add-on’ packages that you can apply in addition to a basic monthly premium.  Such add-ons can include breakdown cover and additional driver insurance – and, in some cases, windscreen cover.

Windscreen cover is, regardless of whether it comes as an additional service or not, essential.  Even the slightest chip to your windscreen could make or break your vehicle passing an MOT, and it is never advisable to leave even the tiniest chip to fester – as they can grow into formidable cracks over time thanks to weather and a number of different environmental factors.  Cracks, generally, are much more expensive to fix than chips – as a big crack may require an entirely new windscreen to be refitted, whereas a liquid solution can be filled into even the smallest chips to protect them.

However, no one likes to pay out for surprise maintenance – meaning that it is all the more worthwhile making sure that your insurance carrier covers you for windscreen care as well as everything else you need.  Very few carriers will let windscreen damage impact upon your no claims bonus, meaning that it is well worth shopping around as to who offers what before making any rash decisions.  Using a price comparison website such as Compare The Market or Go Compare offer a wide range of insurance packages that will clearly identify what is and isn’t inclusive within the tariffs and plans you come across.

Insuring your car, is, of course, a legal matter as well as one of responsibility.  However, it also should be worth remembering that protecting yourself against windscreen damage is also fairly crucial – you’ll never know quite when you may need it, and it’s always worthwhile considering the potential costs of even repairing the slightest chip or scrape.  As established, it’s important not to let chips fester – and, as your front line of defence, you should never truly leave your windscreen out of any insurance or care package you may have arranged.  It is therefore worth shopping around or consulting your current provider for further advice!