Touch-Screen Windscreens: The Future of Motoring?


Anyone who drives a vehicle knows one simple truth – that your windscreen is your friend.  More than your friend, perhaps, as it’s your ally and protection against the elements, the roads ahead and ensures that you, your passengers and even your fellow road users are safe.  Could you imagine driving without a windscreen, or without the right glass or front screen protection?  In a few years, one of the world’s leaders in technology and innovation could be hoping that we may feel the same way about ‘smart’ windscreens!

Apple, who have changed the way that millions of people ...Read more

Beat The Freeze - Before It Happens

The winter months can be little short of a nightmare for motorists.  Not only can it mean cold mornings spent trying to start a stubborn engine into getting motivated, but it can also mean problems for doors, brakes, internal heating systems and the like.  Most of all, it can be a particular bugbear for the windscreen.  Gone are the clear, sunny days of being able to see the road without a hitch – if you’ve owned or driven a car during winter, it’s highly likely you’ve armed yourself with a scraper and a can of de-icer to get a rug of ice off the front of your windshield.  However, while there are more efficient ways to defrost your car’s windscreen, what if you could avoid defrosting altogether, and work on a prevention as opposed ...Read more

Car Insurance And Your Windscreen - What you should know

In the UK, it is rightfully a legal compulsion that all drivers – whether they are on the road often or not – make sure that they are fully insured at all times.  After all, what would happen if the worst were to occur to you or your vehicle in an accident?  How would you be able to afford the costs of repairing your own vehicle, as well as potentially another?  There is also a matter of responsibility in making sure that you are fully insured – insurance shows that you have presence of mind for the safety of others on the road as well as your own, which is why it remains important that it stays legally compulsory within the UK.

But what are you covered for within your car insurance ...Read more

Windscreens In Winter - How To Avoid The Big Freeze

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, whether it be a car, a van, a HGV or otherwise, everyone on the road experiences the dread and after-events of the overnight freeze.  Not only can the winter cold play havoc with your locking system and your ignition if you are poorly prepared, but your windscreen is also at risk from bearing the brunt of the cold snap’s worst.  It’s important to remember that your windscreen is one of your most important allies when driving, as it protects you, your passengers and your fellow road users from a number of potential hazards, accidents waiting to happen and potential damage that could result in escalating costs for you.

It’s important, then, that you look after your vehicle and its windscreen in winter just as ...Read more

Car Windscreen Replacement... When you need it

Car Windscreen Replacement – When You Need It!

Sometimes, replacing the whole of a windscreen is a necessity, regardless of how much you want to avoid it.  If a crack or chip has grown enough to have caused serious impairment to your field of vision or is likely to make things worse long term, then it’s very likely that any windscreen specialist you talk to will likely advise erring on the side of caution – that is, rather than apply a minor fix that could likely make problems reoccur, it’s going to be a safer bet to have the entire fitting taken out.

This can seem – and sound – daunting.  How long is it likely to take?  How much will it cost?  Will my insurance cover me?  You ...Read more

Windscreen Chip Repair And Your Insurance - The Lowdown


Anyone with insurance for anything at all will tell you the same, every time – it’s there if you need it.  Oftentimes, it’s paid for to ensure that if the absolutely worst happens, you’re covered for what could be substantial repair and/or replacement costs.  When it comes to glass or windscreen cover under your automobile insurance carrier, there’s a fine line between the two that could really save you cash in the long run.

When it comes to shelling out for covering the cost of your windscreen damage, most car insurers will opt for the same approach – if your windscreen is slightly damaged – you have a chip or two that’s in desperate need of ...Read more

Who's fixing your windscreen? Making the right choice


With so many firms and fitters up and down the country offering various services and rates for windscreen repair and replacement, it’s often an extremely hard task for someone in need of a speedy and affordable solution to pick from the sheer amount of companies to pick from!  Oftentimes, it’s perhaps more tempting to go with a larger or national firm due to their large customer base and high profile – but given recent events in the windscreen repair industry, it’s become clearer than ever that you don’t necessarily get the best service or results from the biggest suppliers.

If you have been paying attention to consumer affairs news in recent months then you may already be aware ...Read more

Van Windscreen Repair & Replacement


Incurring damage to a car, a lorry or a van – nobody wants it!  Sadly, when it comes to driving out in the real world, you are unfortunately open to a wide array of risks and dangers every time you put your key in the ignition.  One of the biggest concerns for drivers, particularly those who depend on their four wheeled friend for work or family life, is their windscreen – when your central view of the road becomes skewed by scratches, chips or even cracks, you’re putting both yourself and those around you at risk.

An additional concern for drivers is the amount of time it can take for windscreens to be repaired or replaced – after all, those dependent on their own transport are less likely to ...Read more

HGV Windscreen Repair

Replacing the windscreen on your car is often a necessity if, for example, you have cracks too big to risk, or if you have chips in a particularly irritating position.  For HGV drivers, however, things are slightly different!  Trucks and lorries are the giants of the road, and as such, they need their own specific care when it comes to windscreens and damage.

 Repair and inspection guidelines for various areas of HGVs and other large fleet vehicles were published by the UK government in 2012, and this guide offers a number of helpful hints as to what to bear in mind when looking for a consultation on damage to your lorry or truck’s windscreen.  Above all, it is important to remember that the criteria for windscreen replacement in larger vehicles such as these is considered less flexible. 

 These rules differ to those relating ...Read more

Chips today, cracks tomorrow

Car windscreens are tougher than they look!  That thin-looking plate of glass that separates you and your driving anthems from the world at large has to endure an awful lot – gravel, weather and the dreaded bird-dung attack.  To me and you, it’s probably nothing more than a window on the front of your beloved four-wheeled friend – but it’s really important that you offer it the care that it needs.  After all, it’s your car’s front line of defence!

It’s very tempting to ignore a chip in your windscreen.  After all, what harm could it do?  The fact is, regardless of whether or not a blemish or chip in your windscreen is in your field of vision or not, it is always important to report them as soon as you spot them.  A tiny chip today could be an impressive crack ...Read more

Windscreen Repair in the UK

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